Attention all budding writers!

Have you always wanted to write a book but think that your family and work life is just too busy and you haven’t got the time?

Do you love to write but lack the confidence to take the next steps – showing it to other people and trying to get it published?

Do you have trouble believing that people would be willing to pay for what you write or interested in what you have to say?

So you’ve always wanted to write a book but are finding taking that first step daunting despite your excitement at the thought of seeing your words in print. You dream of getting your story out there but something is holding you back. Overcoming our doubts and fears can be challenging. Yet you know you have a story to tell, you want to give your dream a chance, you want to be a published author – but it all just seems so difficult…

But what if I  tell you it doesn’t have to be so hard? That there are things you can do to help yourself overcome your doubts and take that first step? Does that sound exciting?

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