500 ways to be a better writer – Chuck Wendig

If you want to be a writer, or a better writer, than buy this book.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not going to suddenly make you capable of producing the next best-seller and it’s not going to make you the greatest word-smith (penmonkey?) on the face of the planet, but it’s packed full of really helpful information presented in a sublimely irreverent way.

I guess I should warn you here that much of the descriptive language used is not for the shy and retiring – let’s put it this way, in my head the whole thing came out as narrated by Frankie Boyle (for a US audience maybe think Eddie Murphy). But, at the end of it, I’d learnt stuff from somebody who knew exactly what they were talking about and I’d laughed myself silly.

Chuck Wendig is rapidly establishing himself as a new and different voice in the world of fantasy fiction and he is so readable it is awe-inspiring.

He is not kind and gentle to aspiring authors, he is too close to being one himself to feel that it is anything but wrong to coddle those following in his footsteps. But he has made it. He is the real deal. Even if you discount 50% of what he has to say as not relevant to what you are writing, you are hearing from an author only a couple of years ahead of you down the road to a major readership.

His willingness to share his experience so that we can all avoid some of the pitfalls he experienced is amazing.

I bought the kindle version but will be going back to buy the paper version to keep on my repeat-read shelves. I say again, buy this book!

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