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However great a man’s natural talent may be, the act of writing cannot be learned all at once –

Jean Jacques Rousseau

I have a few authors whose blogs I follow religiously. Now you may not like the same authors as me and you definitely could find some of the blogs I love to be quite challenging. I’m not easily offended but there’s no reason that you shouldn’t find some of what is fine for me offensive to you. So I’m going to recommend that you sign up to Neil Gaiman ( and Chuck Wending ( but I’d also recommend that you look out for your favourite author’s website and sign up.

Terribleminds regularly runs writing challenges but also answers pretty much every response that comes in to a post. To me he’s also one of the most honest, straightforward and challenging writer blogs out there. And I only say one of because I’m not signed up to them all so there’s the outside possibility of something better.

And Neil Gaiman – well if he’s your cup of tea (and I’m honestly not sure how he could not be if you are interested in fiction) I don’t need to say more.

The writing community is incredibly generous with help, support and advice and getting it direct from somebody whose writing strikes a chord with you is invaluable. Search out the authors who write in the same style or genre as you intend to and soak in the advice they give for free.


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