Taking back the week

Loafing is the most productive part of a writer’s life – James Norman Hall


I love Sundays. I love them for being the start of a new week and offering up all sorts of possibilities for what’s to come. I love them for being a day when I can legitimately do what I want to do without any pressure from it being a work day.

I just don’t find Saturdays the same. It’s all to do with how I grew up, but Saturday is shopping day – I do feel I should mention at this point that I loathe and detest shopping – and all round a day that I feel bound to try to make the most of. As a result Saturday is an unproductive, frustrating day.

So, back to Sunday.

A perfect Sunday for me is getting up when I want to, taking however long I want over breakfast and then hitting the garden. Rain, shine, snow the garden exerts an absolute siren call on a Sunday. Whether I’m planting, harvesting, leaf clearing, pruning or just pottering around doing nothing the garden insists on at least two hours of the day.

Post garden I’ll be in need of tea and something suitably naughty to reward the work. At that point I’ll also start to think about food – my best recipes and meal planning always happen on a Sunday afternoon. In general, I’ll get in a couple of hours or more of actual cooking as well. There’s a reason we have three freezers.

And then the rest of the day is mine to waste.

Increasingly that time has been spent in writing of one sort or another or reading with a purpose. Planning blogs, scoping the cookbook, doing some work for paying clients, writing a lot of reviews and reading new works to review. And being happy and productive in my work.

Monday to Friday aren’t go-to-work days for me in the classic sense, I can usually choose where and when I work on those days too. But they still feel totally different to my lovely Sundays. They are ‘got to’ days rather than ‘want to’. It’s probably unsurprising that they feel less productive, that a large part of my subconscious fights back against being forced to do things.

Time to take back the week. Time to put some Sunday into every day. Time to start living the life I want.

And time to take that plunge and focus on writing. Wish me luck.

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