A good book cures everything

The most important thing is to read as much as you can – JK Rowling

Following yesterday’s blog post I guess you might have been expecting an update on what I’m going to do with my future. It would be lovely to be able to give you one – but just at the moment my heart and head are not talking to each other!

So, I’ve been doing what I always do when I’m a bit stressed and losing myself in some really good books. Books very definitely aren’t just for reading in times of stress but I do find that they are the absolute best for dealing with it.

I came late to social media. For a long time I just could not see how it could be relevant to someone of my advanced years. In fact if we list all the things I don’t do that seem to form the basis of a lot of social media activity – I don’t take photos, I hate having photos of me taken, I’m not into sharing music, I have no interest in other people’s ‘funny’ videos, I can’t see the point of facebook at all (though a much younger acquaintance tells me it’s great for sending out party invites) – you can probably understand why I struggled with the whole idea. But oh boy was I missing a trick when it came to finding fantastic new things to read.

Now I will admit that some of the constant stream of ‘buy my book now!’ that some people seem to think constitutes having a presence on twitter is just annoying. I learnt early on that when you get a follow you must have a look at what the person has been tweeting before you follow back; I’m stumped at how some people get to numbers of followers in the six-figures but never actually say anything.

But I have found that there are plenty of others who write in genres that I’d not have looked at, or who are just starting out and so might not have crossed my radar, and who are lovely people to interact with and write fabulous stuff. I’m actually going to name check some of them because they are so helpful, sociable and all round lovely people, take a bow Linda Poitevin, Cecelia Halbert, Rayne Hall, Christopher Pope and J M Guillen. Believe me they are far from the only ones.

I might not want to write in the same genre as these guys but I do know that I’m learning a lot from them. They are all willing and able to share advice. They all produce books that I’ve really enjoyed and that have taught me tricks of plotting, characterisation and use of language.

Support your local author, support the newly published, the independents, the niche market and the out-of-your-comfort-zone genres. In the end you’ll thank me, honest.

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