Karen Donhue is an expert in written communications and passionate about helping budding authors succeed in publishing their first book.


She provides help, advice and support to those held back by doubts and fears, those who think they lack time or knowledge when it comes to the process of getting their first book into print. She is passionate about supporting them through the writing and publishing process and helping them to succeed.

Karen has always had an interest in writing and, although she had no specific plans to move into this area, as her career developed she found herself being drawn more and more toward written communications – particularly for large corporations. Karen has carved out a successful career in this area, firstly working within large organisations then creating her own business to serve these corporate clients.

Yet despite her success, Karen always felt there was something missing. Although she found her work enjoyable it didn’t allow her creative side to be truly used and so she turned to other creative projects such as cooking and gardening, even thinking about opening an art and craft shop.

Then, out of the blue, Karen was approached by a first time author to edit her book – a collection of children’s stories. Karen relished the opportunity and, as well as editing the draft manuscript, she also helped the author bring the whole book together and get it published and launched. Not only was the book successful but the author then went on to publish a second and third book again working with Karen.

This was the spark that lit the flame inside!

Karen could now see a way of using her expertise, wide range of contacts and passion for writing, to help others who dreamt of being a published author yet were held back from making their dream a reality.

Karen now works with new and budding authors who want to write and publish their first (and sometimes second) book. She helps them to get their ideas out of their head and on to paper, taking them through the process of writing, editing and publishing their book. Karen loves working with those who know they have a book inside them, especially a novel – she wants to help them launch that story out into the world.

If you are ready to get started on that first book or would just like to find out more, contact Karen for a complimentary 30 minute phone call.

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