Blogging challenge 3 – opportunity knocks

It’s funny how life works out sometimes.

I had to go to the bank today for a meeting with one of the advisors there. I hadn’t met him before but it was a preliminary meeting so it was an opportunity for him to get to know about me and me to get to know him and see if I wanted to work with him. He seemed pretty nice and knowledgeable on the whole so I think we’ll have a good working relationship.

So, I hear you thinking, what’s that got to do with life being funny? And the thing is that, in the course of chatting, he mentioned that he has always wanted to write down the stories that his five-year-old son makes up and also the stories that his grandfather used to tell to his father. So we ended up having a really interesting conversation about the best way that he might be able to do that. About how he might be able to take those stories and get them out there to a much wider audience. About publishing, publishers, self-publishing, Amazon and writing in general. And at the end of our meeting he had taken my card and he might, just might, get in touch.

If you’re wondering, I suggested that he would probably be best to try to record what his son and grandfather are saying so that he makes sure that he captures their ‘voice’ before he tries to write down the stories that they are telling. I’m pretty sure that his grandfather’s tales would be of great interest to a museum of social history whether the books go forward or not. Whatever happens he will have captured some wonderful family memories to treasure.

I’m in the process of rethinking a lot about my work life and how much it keeps me away from home. I’m hoping to make much more time for my own projects and the work I enjoy doing but that maybe doesn’t pay so well right now. Who would have thought that a trip to the bank could provide such tangible proof that the opportunities are out there?

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