Blogging challenge day 2

The desire to write grows with writing – Erasmus 

This seemed like a very good theme for day 2 of my blogging challenge!

I sometimes think that there is very little as scary as a blank sheet of paper to anybody who has to write. That question mark about how you are going to start. It applies whether you’re a student doing coursework, writing as part of your day job or sitting down to write a book – how and where do I begin?

It’s only the second day of this 30 day challenge but I’ve discovered some things about myself and my way of working already.

  1. As I touched on yesterday, I’ve realised with this blog that part of what’s holding me back is that I’m over-analysing and so over-complicating everything. I care about how what I write is received so I want it to be the best it can be – but if I spend all of my time thinking, planning and getting ready to write then I’ll never actually produce anything. In my imagination it may be Nobel Prize worthy but if it’s just that, in my imagination and not down on paper, then I’m never going to find out. Well, nobody is going to be able to tell me.
  2. On the other hand, sitting this morning and trying to decide what I was going to write about produced a bit of a blank. Well a total blank to be honest. So a lesson I’ve learnt about my own way of working is that I need to do at least some prior planning on themes for the day or I’m going to waste a lot of time gazing at a blank screen and drinking tea. Although, on a brighter note, I found it pretty easy to knock out a business proposal as a way of avoiding doing the blog!
  3. And mainly, writing this way and openly sharing the experience is making me feel very exposed. It’s a bit like the covers are off and all those grubby bits of inner gizmo are on show. It’s odd sharing things that feel half-baked.

Honestly, that third one has me ready to quit the process already. But that would mean admitting defeat and what kind of wimp would that make me? Anything I can do for clients I must be able do for myself. It will get easier I’m sure…

So, I’m off to do some thinking and research and then I’m going to write some more. I’ve got a long work day tomorrow so the next instalment may not come out till late but you’ll see something from me. Two days down and 28 to go.

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