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There is no way of writing well and also of writing easily – Anthony Trollope

I was really struggling to come up with anything to write about today.

I’d hoped to have an update on the UK storm for you and be able to structure something around that, but the truth is that we were very lucky here and got a good soaking but no wind to speak of at all. I’m not entirely making light of the event – a number of people, both here and on mainland Europe, were killed as it passed through – but it really wasn’t a big deal for me and mine. So, as I said, struggling.

And then I realised that, beyond sharing that I had a cookbook to write by Valentine’s Day, I hadn’t really run with that as a theme on this blog. A blog that purports to be about writing and the one thing I haven’t blogged about is what I’m writing right now – odd when you think about it!

Having had the idea and decided that it was a definite goal I then of course started to second guess myself. I mean the cookbook market isn’t exactly empty. Go to any bookstore and you’ll be faced with gazillions of different variations on the cookbook theme. Getting the wobbles this early seemed like it was potentially my subconscious telling me that this was a crazy notion and I should walk away and go do something that was actually likely to earn me some money. A mental panic attack.

So I decided that the only sensible thing to do was run the idea past a lot of other people. Not all cooks exactly but people that I’d cooked for, people that I’d talked cooking and recipes with, friends, family. And, without fail, they all thought it was a great idea for me.

It appears that I’ve already passed recipes to a lot of people who have used them and loved them. I seem to be a whizz at ‘hiding’ vegetables so that kids think they are eating something else or actually enjoy the flavours of the veg. I thought that particular trick only worked with my veggie-phobic Mother!

People also seem to really appreciate the vastly reduced amounts of sugar that I use. I’ve done the hard work of testing how low you can go and still produce something that eats as a treat but no longer needs that naughty label. They’ve often not realised until they ask for the recipe that things are diabetic friendly and so better versions for everybody else too. I have my first orders for shortbread for Christmas. As money is tighter than it has been, I’ve also got ideas for ‘goodie’ bags to prepare and give rather than the usual presents.

So there you go. Cookbook is definitely going ahead. I still have a theme to come up with, I don’t want to just get lost in the mass of what’s already out there so I need a hook. Diabetic is too niche but maybe something about cooking on a shoestring, though I’m not really liking that.

And here’s where I’m going to ask for help. If you were looking for a cookbook, is there anything in particular that you’d be interested in or where you’ve looked and not found it? Title suggestions also greatly appreciated – I seem to be stuck in clichés at the moment. Any ideas that I use will get credited.

Look forward to hearing from you and thanks in advance for the help!

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