Dead Things – Stephen Blackmoore

I’ve been meaning to read this book for a few months now but somehow it didn’t reach the top of my pile. It could be because I bought a hard copy rather than a kindle version – who knows, I’m just so glad that I finally got to it. Dead Things packs a wonderful wallop.

Eric Carter hits the ground running and doesn’t really ever stop. He gets regularly knocked down, beaten up and broken down but he keeps getting up and ploughing on. He gets his hands spectacularly dirty and does it with a smirk. Most definitely the kind of man that your mother would warn you against – well assuming she had a world view wide enough to ever think he might exist. And yet…and yet, he is polite, he cares about the dead, and even some of the living, he will do a deal that can only be bad for him to try to get truth and vengeance.

The plot is classic film noir – Humphrey Bogart would have clawed eyes out for the role – the dames are forces of nature who hold their own on the page with ease, the weakest character by far is the nicest male. It’s the kind of book where you just know that being nice isn’t going to win you any points. For those of you who dislike guts and gore, don’t worry – things take place for the most part off page. The results move the action along. There aren’t heaps of twists and turns but I was honestly surprised by one development – I was so caught up in the action I wasn’t trying to second-guess the plot. It’s been a while since a book captured my attention so entirely.

All-in-all, Eric has shot to the top of my favourite anti-heroes list, a position I expected Chuck Wendig’s Miriam or Mookie to hold for quite some time.

I read the book in one sitting and immediately ordered City of the Lost. Now that I know how good this author is, I’ll be reading that as soon as it arrives!

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