Discipline, discipline, discipline!!

Even professional writers have days when they’d rather clean the toilet than do the writing.   

Octavia Butler


Let’s face it, we all have days when we’d rather just stay in bed or play computer games or read, cook, shop  – well in fact anything at all – rather than sit in front of a screen and try to write. I recently missed posting a blog for a week and a half because I let life get in the way of time to write anything. So I say to myself as much as to you – Discipline, Discipline, Discipline!!

And I’m going to ignore those of you at the back of the room with the 50 Shades of Grey inspired heckling.

It really is all about hard work and habit – or should that be habit and hard work, bit of a chicken and egg thing going on here.

It’s about sitting down and writing every day, no matter how frustrating it is or how little progress you seem to make at first. It’s like exercise, but what you’re doing is fighting the flab of your brain, imagination and fingers. And sometimes it needs to be about your body too – going for a walk to blow away the cobwebs and observe what’s going on in the big wide world can be just the inspiration you need. But stick with it and push through.

Hit those word count targets. Do that research. Write that page, then another, suddenly it’s a chapter and then another and then a book.

Enough said?

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