Full Moon Island – Terry Yates

There is a very interesting idea trying to get out in this book.

A remote island stuck in a heck of a storm. Strange goings on. A cast of mainly unlikeable characters with their own agendas, weaknesses and strengths. Unusually for this genre, the hero is a rather weak man who makes questionable decisions that rebound on the whole group. The military are not depicted in a particularly heroic way. The ladies are an odd bunch. There are children involved but they all seem a bit damaged by life.

Beautifully set up for a keep-them-guessing plot with no real sense of who will make it through and who will fall foul of the creatures. Not far in I had a list of those that I wanted to end up on the slab.

Some interesting possibilities about who the real ‘baddies’ are and who the real ‘creatures’ are. I sensed the makings of a book that would actually make you think – no bad thing in a genre that’s got a bit over-filled with repetitive and derivative stories.

But, oh boy does this need to be edited properly. The plot really suffers from sections that add nothing or go nowhere. Sentences containing unnecessary detail do not add to the reader experience. As an example, “he finally found himself singing ‘Girl’s talk’, a song written by Elvis Costello, and recorded by both Linda Ronstadt and Dave Edmunds”.

Some of what happens is telegraphed so extensively that I found myself wishing the author would just get on with the ‘surprise’ so that the story could move forward. And don’t get me started on the number of typos, grammar and continuity issues. I had to make a real effort to continue to the end.

The frustrating thing is, this could be a good book if it lost about 30 pages and was tightened up. A sequel is already in the pipeline and, depending on price, I’ll probably buy it. I’m just hoping that the author takes the time to properly revise the next one. If not he’ll have lost this reader for good.

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