Getting Started – Write

The scariest moment is always just before you start. After that things can only get better.
– Stephen King

Who’d have thought that a blank sheet of paper could be so intimidating? You know what you want to write about, you have your main characters and plot outline sorted. You’ve maybe even done your research ahead of time so that you can just let the muse flow. And still that blank sheet of paper is staring back at you…just as empty as it was when you started. So – just write.

Is there a particular scene that you have very clearly visualised? Write that first – if it’s one of the key moments it may define things about your character(s) that you need to establish through the opening section of the book.

Do you have a very clear idea of what ‘voice’ one of your characters is going to have? Try random snatches of dialogue and see if you can then build one of your scenes around them.

If you’ve set yourself a goal of words to write per day you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can achieve them if you don’t try to force yourself to start in a particular place or go in a particular direction. It doesn’t need to follow your plot outline, it doesn’t need to be beautifully crafted in sparkling prose; it just needs to be words on paper. The rest you can iron out later.

So – just write!


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