Gwynneth Ever After – Linda Poitevin

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and –  in the spirit of that honesty – have to say that when I realised it was a ‘romance’ I was worried, not at all my usual genre. How wrong I was to worry – it turned out to be a single sitting, laugh out loud, page-turner with a real heart. I’m already looking forward to reading the rest of the author’s work.

For a start it’s beautifully written – I have an eye for detail but didn’t notice a single error, for me the true mark of being caught up in the story.

It’s a romance so some of the details are obviously not 100% hard-edged reality but these were real people. The dialogue is believable, the characters have depth and the interactions between all of them ring true. Friendship, fear, parenting, love, regret, pain, heartbreak are all there.

For me one of the best aspects was that nobody was portrayed as perfect, just as none of them were irredeemably appalling; building characters with a believable mix of strengths, weaknesses, fears and aspirations is hard work but this book made it seem pretty effortless. And I got to enjoy wanting to knock heads together!

Every character moved the story forward and I didn’t find myself flicking forward through scenes that seemed redundant. I had fun guessing what role some of the minor characters were going to play.

If, like me, you’ve avoided romances in the past fearing poorly written and edited ‘mushy stuff’ then give this book a go and it could change your mind. If you are already a fan then I think you are in for a real treat. Enjoy.


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