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As you know, I recently decided that it was a good idea to advertise my little blog to the wider world. It was a hard decision because I have rather enjoyed keeping it to myself – almost like having a particularly good secret. Note, I’m not trying to say this is a particularly good blog but I’m quite open and honest in what I’m writing and it’s pretty enjoyable. The idea of sharing that with strangers made me feel quite exposed.

I was supported in the decision by a number of friends and acquaintances on twitter and in real life. As they pointed out, there’s not really much point spending the time and money on this whole venture if nobody gets to see/use it. So, with some trepidation, out into the world I sent word that here I was. And then I sat back to see what would happen. Yes I know don’t laugh, I’m new and inexperienced at this online business.

So, roughly a week after the first ‘advert’ was circulated to a pretty wide audience, courtesy of a very helpful contact on twitter; what have I seen so far?

Well, visitor numbers are definitely up – I mean they almost had to be really so I’m not boasting about that, just mentioning it as a reality. A lot of lovely people from the US have dropped by and hello to all of them. Visitors from the UK have been fewer in number but I still appreciate each and every one of them and say hi. Thank you to all the other inquisitive souls who’ve called in as well.

And you can imagine my excitement when I got my first notification of a comment. I tell you, I let out a whoop. Real people who cared enough to interact about something I’d had to say, I mean doesn’t get much better than that does it?

For those of you more experienced in the ways of the web and blogs than I am, I’m guessing what I have to say next will come as no surprise. My first comment was spam. Interestingly, as far as I could tell, it was Japanese spam – at least it was in an alphabet I don’t read. Maybe that is a good thing, the advert spread far and wide, maybe I just got caught in some algorithm. Either way, bubble well and truly burst.

Was I slightly saddened? Heck, yes. But you know what, it also left me feeling feisty and determined to get this blog to where I want it to be and where you guys want to comment.

Will keep you posted and hope to hear from you soon!

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