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Our passions shape our books – Proust


It’s another grey and wet day here in the UK. A colourless, drab-feeling time of the season. Summer is well and truly over and the beautiful colours of autumn are starting to fade but the cold, crisp days of winter haven’t arrived. It’s only mid-afternoon but I’m already thinking seriously about putting the lights on.

Luckily, this time of year is fantastic for the food that’s available. Fruit and veg seem to fall (no pun intended) over themselves to give us their best colours and their most fabulous flavours. Their extravagant displays make time in the kitchen a real treat – most of the time the only problem is the sheer number of options available when cooking them. Some serious magic takes place.

Soups are particularly wonderful round now. Thirty minutes from ingredients to bowl is easily done for many of them and their colour and warmth is exactly what’s needed to lift the day.

Stews, casseroles, one-pot cooking of all kinds really comes into its own. Hearty and filling they are the ultimate easy meal and can be prepared well in advance, frozen and used as wanted. They are also a great way of using up leftovers from a roast dinner.

Crumble becomes the perfect pudding. There are lots of other options of course, but being diabetic they are the easiest way to have something where the sugar is controlled and the result is still a naughty delight.

Nothing quite beats the smell of homemade savoury and sweet biscuits and cakes.

Did I mention that one of my passions is food…

Over the next six weeks, I’m going to share a number of my favourite really easy recipes. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do. I’d love any feedback because these are going to form the backbone of my recipe book.

At the same time I’m going to be working on a new writing project. One that combines my love of food and cooking and my love of urban fantasy. This may be the wackiest thing that I’ve ever attempted but I’m seriously excited at where I think it could go.

I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime I have some creating to go do!

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  1. Karen Revell
    4 years ago

    Looking forward to seeing your writing project come to fruition and keeping an eye out for those recipes!

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