Life is what happens while we’re making plans – Anon 

Some bad things happening in life at the moment. Nothing to do with writing and definitely nothing to do with money – much more importantly to do with family.

My uncle is having major surgery, which we’re all hoping proves a large growth on his appendix is benign. He’s only just recovered from open-heart surgery. My aunt has health issues of her own and is struggling.

My teenage nephew is undergoing lots of tests, but Crohn’s disease is a possibility and probably the most benign of the possibilities. My brother and sister-in-law are coping – just.

I moan about life sometimes. I want it to be easier. I’d like to earn more money. I’d like to travel less. I want – well I want all sorts.

Weeks like this one teach me just how lucky I am. That family and health really are all that matters. I won’t forget that lesson.


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