Sometimes silence speaks louder than words

Writing is a product of silence – Carrie Latet


It’s 11 November. A day to reflect on all those who have lost their lives to protect our freedoms. I’ve been watching some of the services being held around the country and am finding them unbearably moving this year. Have been reduced to tears by the haunting sound of the trumpet solo and the tales being shared. Have a full heart watching so many, young and old, standing in silence for two minutes to remember.

It’s somehow fitting that a veteran of World War I was laid to rest today. Sad that he had no family to speak of. And magnificent that through the media, both print and social, people got to hear about it and hundreds turned up to honour him. I’m tearing up again thinking about it.

We tend to be too eager to try to get our voices heard by speaking the loudest. We don’t give people the chance to think about what is being said and to form their own opinions. We are too quick to argue and fight to prove our points.

Today, let’s remember the power of the unspoken word and the power of silence.

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