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If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly – Chesterton 

I was talking recently to a friend and mentor about how I was stuck in a rut with work and with this blog. For anybody who has been kind enough to be following my ramblings, you’ll have seen that I have been singularly awful about following my own advice when it comes to getting on and doing things regularly.

Coincidentally, I came across a blog post via twitter that was all about the elephant’s graveyard of blogs which started in all excitement then, after an initial flurry, died quietly after a couple of months.

My posts have dwindled to about one a month. I’m struggling to come up with topics or, worse, things to say about topics I think would be good to cover. I’m a writer for goodness sake, it’s part of how I pay the bills, so how can this be proving so challenging?

And then I was talking it through with myself (sad but I do a lot of talking things through that way) and suddenly I realised why I’m finding it difficult. I want this all to be relevant and interesting for anybody willing to invest the time to read me. I want to send people away enthused and having learnt (yes I’m in the UK so use UK English) something. But the truth is that I don’t always have something to say that fits the picture in my mind of what I should be talking to you about.

And then my friend challenged me to write a blog a day for 30 days and that coincided with coming across the quote above. A quote that I looked twice at but then decided is perfect for where I am at. I’ve come late to blogging but it’s never too late to learn a new skill. I love writing, I can talk the hind legs off a donkey and I find other people absolutely fascinating. I genuinely want to interact with other people here and on twitter.

Am I good at blogging? Well, we’ll have to see and I will need to let you and your feedback be the judge of that, but just because I’m not already the best is no reason not to try. How else am I going to learn? And really, even if the only person who ever reads it turns out to be me as I write, what is the downside? Topics will be wide-ranging but will all in some way come back to writing – well probably! But the big thing will be that they’ll tell you more about me and my thoughts and ideas, and hopefully that will start a conversation.

So, here we are, one down and 29 to go. I hope you’ll enjoy the journey – I’m pretty sure I will.

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