The Christmas Wish – Katy Regnery

This is a short and very sweet read. I finished it in one sitting but I finished it with a smile. It’s a properly heart-warming tale, perfect for a rainy autumn day.

It’s set in the same town as the author’s Heart of Montana series and the way in which this tale touches on aspects of the first book worked well. I’d probably recommend that you read By Proxy first so that you have that background to fit Tess and Lucas’s story into, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

Tess Branson, our heroine, is your typical romance lead character in some ways – very pretty for example – but what my granny would have called ‘damaged goods’. The reasons for this aren’t made apparent immediately but when they are they ring sadly true.

Our hero, Lucas Flynn, is a typical romance bad-boy with a past. Although, this particular bad boy’s past is perhaps more realistic than most and has had proper consequences, which I found really refreshing.

It’s a romance short-story so the ending won’t be a surprise to anybody and, to be honest, it does feel a bit rushed. I have a feeling that this could have easily been a book on its own given the interesting material and back-stories to the main characters. But that is a very minor quibble really. And getting a good short-story is always better than a full-length book that feels overstretched for the plot.

I’m looking forward to seeing more from this author.

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