Writing process blogging tour – My stop!

A couple of weeks ago my friend and mentor, Karen Revell, asked if I would like to take part in the writing process blogging tour. The idea of the tour is that writers share their thought on what they are writing, why they are writing it and how they write. They then pass the baton on to other writers/bloggers, thereby creating an ever expanding virtual chain.

I accepted and this is my attempt to answer those questions. You can read Karen’s response on her blog at http://www.karenrevell.com/writing-process-blogging-tour-stop/

What am I working on?

Right now I’m working on a variety of projects. I do a lot of work with large companies around their annual report documents and this time of year is particularly busy. I’m also finalising a cookbook of my own recipes and working as editor with some amazingly talented fiction authors.

I find that, by having a very varied set of projects on the go at any one time, I can move to each different part and feel as though I am taking a break.

How does my work differ from others of its genre

This was the question that I knew would cause me the most difficulties to answer – I don’t exactly have a genre.

On the corporate side of my work I bring many years of experience of my field and an understanding of exactly what is required.

The cookbook will be a different spin because I am diabetic but do not believe that this has to define what I eat, the book will be diabetic-friendly but not purely aimed at diabetics.

On the editing side, I try to make sure that my passion to help authors get the best out of their story shows in all my work with them. It’s a collaborative process that we should both enjoy.

Why do I write what I do

The cookbook was a simple labour of love. I love to cook and I love to eat good food. Being able to combine this with my love of writing has been a joy. I’ll see how it goes but would be surprised if I don’t carry on with cookery projects.

The corporate work is my bread and butter. That said, I really enjoy working with large companies and helping them to tell their story. It’s a very different process to working with fiction authors but there is a great sense of achievement at the end.

My love is working with authors. There is nothing as enjoyable as taking something that has great potential and helping it to shine. Working with an author to get their story to the best possible place is just amazing.


How does my writing process work?

For most of my work I need real structure. On the corporate side I have set deadlines and a set of very specific legal, regulatory and best-practice requirements to adhere to. I need to make sure that I stay abreast of all of the changes to these and then ensure that the content is fit for purpose.

My editorial work requires that I get to know each authors’ individual style and tone of voice so that I can work seamlessly with their writing. At the same time I have to be able to work outside of this to look at the writing from a reader’s perspective and make the necessary suggestions to improve what’s been written. It can be a difficult line to walk.

The cookbook was great fun because it was so organic. Basically, what I’ve pulled together is a selection of my favourite recipes. Things that friends and family love me to cook for them. The complicated part was taking those recipes and ensuring that they were going to work for anybody who tried to cook them.


Due to a period of ill-health I have not been entirely successful in finding bloggers to continue the chain. A great new author, Chris Pope, will pick up the baton next week as a guest post on this site. I will update this article later this week with the details of the other contributors.

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  1. Karen Revell
    4 years ago


    Good to hear you are recovering and glad you got this post out despite being unwell.

    I love the fact that you say the variety of your different projects make each one feel like taking a break.

    I’m also looking forward to seeing more great recipes and more authors published!

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